Check out the amazing ways to earn rewards with us.

How does it work?

At Seedsman, we believe that community is everything, because together, we grow stronger. Any time you 

collect a seed, leave us a review, celebrate your birthday, join our online Seedsman community or share 

Seedsman content with your circle– you're earning Greenpoints in our Greenclub.

The more Greenpoints you earn, the better the rewards. It’s that easy.


Register on our site

Earn Greenpoints with a purchase

Redeem on your next order

How to earn Greenpoints

Collect a seed, join our socials, refer a friend - there are many ways to start earning Greenpoints now

1 Point per €1 spent

Make a Purchase

Refer 1 new customer

250 Points

Referral Bonus

Complete First Order 

50 Points

First Order

100 Points

Celebrate a Birthday

20 Points

Instagram Follow

20 Points

Twitter Follow

20 Points

Twitter Share

20 Points

Facebook Like

20 Points

Facebook Share

100 Points

Create an Account

20 Points

Subscribe to YouTube Channel

Spend €80 get 20 Points

Goal Spend

Green, Greener, Greenest

The Greenest members of the Seedsman community unlock incredible discounts, exclusive promotions and 

free Seedsman goods. All you need to do is register and start earning points right away.


Earn Green status after 100 Points earned


Earn Greener status after 750 Points earned

Access to our points-only store


Earn Greenest status after 2000 Points earned

Access to our points-only store

Access to exclusive sales

Priority access to new products

Redeem your Greenpoints now

€5 off discount

500 Points

€10 off discount

1000 Points

€25 off discount

2500 Points

€75 off discount

4400 Points

Invite your friends to the Seedsman Greenclub.

Ensure you and your friends enjoy all the rewards that come with membership. In addition to 

site-wide sales offers and freebies, being a Greenclub member means you’ll hear about some of our 

best sales first, along with exclusive Greenclub only offers.

They will receive

€5 off discount

You will receive

250 Points

Lost? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

How do I sign up to Greenclub?

Simply complete the registration process by clicking the register button at the top of the page and you'll automatically join Greenclub. Or, already have an account, you're already a Greenclub member.

How long does my Greenclub status last?

Your Greenclub status is reviewed on an annual basis so you may change tiers depending on how many points you have at the time. But don't worry, the points you hold will never expire so its entirely up to you when you want to use them.

How do I view my points balance?

To view your points balance simply log into your account and click the loyalty widget or visit the loyalty page.

Do my Greenpoints expire?

No they don't. Your points will remain active for as long as you are registered with us or until you choose to spend them.

How can I spend my Greenpoints?

Click the loyalty widget whilst logged in and the available rewards will be at the top. If you wish to use the rewards then simply click the Get Coupon button next to the reward you want to use, and add the coupon code at the checkout.

Do I earn Greenpoints for past orders?

Unfortunately you will not receive points on historic purchases, you'll only earn points on orders going forward.

Do Greenpoints work on other websites?

They do, you can use your points on any of our website, including Tiger One, Seedsman Vapes and THTC.

Can I share my Greenpoints?

No you can't share your points. But you can refer a friend which will give them €5 off and reward you with 250 points when they complete their first order .

Once I’m Green, how long until I’m Greener?

That will depend on how many Greenpoints you earn through shopping or other activities and if you redeem any of them.

I’m still lost. Who do I speak to now?

If you're not sure of your next step, then simply click the help widget in the bottom right corner of your screen and speak to a member of our support team.