343 Labs Rewards Program

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How does it work?



Earn Reward Points


Want to earn more Points?

10 Points per $1 spent

Make a Purchase

1000 Points

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1000 Points

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1000 Points

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Become a VIP and earn even more Points

Tier 1

1.1x Coin Multiplier

Earn Tier 1 status after $1000 spent

Tier 2

1.2x Coin Multiplier

Earn Tier 2 status after $2000 spent

Tier 3

1.3x Coin Multiplier

Earn Tier 3 status after $3000 spent

Redeem your Points

$50 off discount

5000 Points

$100 off discount

10000 Points

$250 off discount

25000 Points

$500 off discount

50000 Points

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They will receive

$75 off discount

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$75 off discount