Second Skin Rewards Program

Earn DAMP Points. Spend DAMP Points. Get Free Stuff.

How does it work?



Earn Points


Who should join Second Skin Rewards?

Everyone should join! Seriously though, we designed the rewards program with two groups of people in mind.

Second Skin Enthusiasts
For our loyal customers who love telling others about how awesome Second Skin is, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to refer others. So you posted in an automotive forum or your build log about your awesome experience with us? Great, let us know and we’ll send you points. Or maybe you posted a review of us on Google? We appreciate that. Points for you as well. Whether it’s referring one friend or shouting from the rooftops for all to hear, we want to show that we appreciate you!

Second Skin Installers
Many of you install Second Skin on a regular basis, but you don’t need quite enough material to want to join our Dealer Program. With Second Skin Rewards, you’ll get exclusive discounts that you can use in the way that works best for you.

How do I earn DAMP Points?

1 DAMP Point per $1 spent

Make a Purchase

300 DAMP Points

Write a Review

50 DAMP Points

Instagram Follow

250 DAMP Points

Create an Account

200 DAMP Points

Celebrate a Birthday

50 DAMP Points

Facebook Like

100 DAMP Points

Facebook Share

Become a VIP and earn even more DAMP Points

Second Skin Teammate

2x Point Multiplier

Earn Second Skin Teammate status after
$250 spent in the last 1 years

Second Skin Veteran

3x Point Multiplier

Earn Second Skin Veteran status after
$1000 spent in the last 1 years

Redeem your DAMP Points

$10 Off Discount

500 DAMP Points

Free Second Skin T-Shirt

750 DAMP Points

$25 Off Discount

1000 DAMP Points

15% Off Discount

2000 DAMP Points

$100 Off Discount

3500 DAMP Points

25% Off Discount

5000 DAMP Points

Refer a Friend

Share Second Skin Audio to earn DAMP Points when a friend uses your discount code!

They will receive

10% Off Discount

You will receive

500 DAMP Points

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Second Skin Rewards Program?

Get rewards by engaging with Second Skin Audio. Earn DAMP Points making purchases, referring friends, writing reviews, and sharing on social media. Spend those points on discounts and gear!

What rewards can I earn?

The rewards are coupon codes that can be used on Codes can be used for a $$ discount, a %% discount, or free Second Skin gear. Codes can’t be used with other promotions.

I purchased from Second Skin Audio in the past. Do I get those points?

For any purchases made in the prior year (launch day: 10/23/19), yes you will get points! Your points have been attributed to the email address from your previous order.

How do I get credit for writing a review?

Any reviews submitted on our website will automatically receive points. If the review is on a forum or any other website, email us details at to receive credit.

Do DAMP Points ever expire?

Yes, they expire. You have one year to use your DAMP Points.

How do I refer a friend?

Click the Rewards icon in the bottom-right. Scroll to the bottom for your unique, first-time purchaser link. Share directly or via one of our templates for email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Who is eligible to use my referral coupon?

Any customer who has not bought from Second Skin Audio before is eligible for the referral coupon.

When do I receive credit for the referral? How can I tell if I got the points?

You will receive credit for the referral as soon as your friend purchases. An email will notify you that they've used the code. Keep track of your points via the onsite Rewards widget.

What can I do if my question wasn't answered?

Please email us at or call us at 1-800-679-8511. We'll be happy to help you out!