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Access cash rewards, exclusive offers, and updates on new launches. Receive 200 points today just for signing up!



Shop with us

Earn points

Get rewards


2 Points per 1 USD spent

Make a Purchase

300 Points

Celebrate a Birthday

200 Points

Create an Account

50 Points

Facebook Like

50 Points

Facebook Share

50 Points

Instagram Follow

200 Points

TrustSpot - Reviews & UGC

50 Points

Subscribe to YouTube Channel

50 Points

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2x Point Multiplier

Earn BRONZE status after $100 spent in the last year


2.5x Point Multiplier

Earn SILVER status after $200 spent in the last year


3x Point Multiplier

Earn GOLD status after $300 spent in the last year


$1 off discount

100 points

$2 off discount

200 points

$5 off discount

500 points


Share the Tru Western website -> you and a friend both receive a discount.

They will receive

$5 off discount

You will receive

$5 off discount

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Tru Rewards program?

Create a customer account by clicking the Sign-Up button further up this page. You must make a purchase when signing up to activate your benefits.

Does it cost anything to join?

There's no cost to join, but you will receive 200 bonus points when you join! To qualify for the benefits at each membership level, you must spend the required amount.

How do the memberships levels work?

You can find out which membership level you are in by clicking the rewards icon in the bottom left of the screen. The levels are based on the amount you have spent in the last 12 months. Bronze is for members who have spent between $1.00 and $100.00. Silver is for members who have spent between $100.00 and $200.00. Gold is for customers who have spent over $300.00 in the last 12 months.

How do I earn Tru Points?

Earning points is simple & you can earn them a number of ways. Shopping on our website is the easiest way & the level you are in will determine how many points you earn per $1.00 you spend. You can also earn points by following us on Instagram, liking our Facebook page, celebrating your birthday, referring a friend, making a purchase, creating an account, and most importantly leaving a review.

What can I do with my Tru Points?

You can redeem your Tru Points for discounts on your orders after you've reached a certain number of points. You will receive $1 off for 100 points, $2 off for 200 points, and $5 off for 500 points.

What are the benefits of joining the rewards program?

Aside from earning points to redeem for discounts on your next orders, there are a number of other benefits depending on the Level of your membership. You can receive early access to new product launches, exclusive offers only for members, and freebies in return for product reviews.

Can I transfer my Tru Points to a friend?

No, sorry. Your points are not transferable and are attached to your customer account.

Can I combine my Tru Rewards with other offers, promotions or discounts?

Your rewards are not able to be combined with any other offers. If you choose to take advantage of another offer available, you can use your rewards on your next order, provided your reward has not expired.

Do Tru Rewards expire?

Rewards expire after one year.