Upstate Elevator Token Rewards & Referral Program

Earn points for every dollar spent online when you signup for our Elevator Token Reward Program. Use your points for discounts, free shipping, and free products!

How Does it Work?





Earn Tokens By Making a Purchase, Following us on Social Media, or Referring a Friend

5 Tokens per $1 spent

Make a Purchase

Complete 5 Orders - 2000 Tokens

Repeat Buyer Bonus

250 Tokens

Facebook Like

250 Tokens

Instagram Follow

250 Tokens

Twitter Follow

250 Tokens

Facebook Share

Spend $500 get 3750 Tokens

Goal Spend

Become a VIP Member and Earn More Tokens

There are no VIP tiers.

Redeem Your Tokens For Discounts, Free Shipping, and Free Products

$10 off discount

1000 Tokens

Free Shipping

500 Tokens

$25 off discount

2250 Tokens

$50 off discount

4000 Tokens

$100 off discount

7500 Tokens

Free CBD Gummy - Mixed Fruit (10mg, 10qty)

1250 Tokens

Refer a Friend and Share the Savings

Refer a friend to Upstate and you both save. You will receive $20 off your next order. Your friend gets 20% off their order of $25 or more.

They will receive

20% off your first order of $25 or more

You will receive

$20 off discount

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my friend need an account to get their 20% referral discount?

No, but in order for you to receive your $20 thank you bonus for referring a new customer they will need to make an account before or during checkout. They will receive their 20% discount coupon regardless, but we want to make sure we can attribute the sale to your referral and we need your family member or friend to make an account so we can do that.

Do points or coupons expire?

Points never expire. Coupons expire 30 days after they are generated.

Can I transfer points to someone else's account?

I'm sorry, but we can't offer to transfer points from one account to another.

I'm having an issue with my points or coupons. Who can I contact?

Please reach out to our Customer Support Team at (888) 640-2155.

Are wholesale accounts eligible to earn points and rewards?

At this time we can not offer the rewards program to our wholesale accounts.

I made a referral but didn't receive my $20 thank you bonus.

In order for you to receive your $10 coupon for providing a referral the person you referred must create an account and complete an order. Once the order is completed you should see your coupon awarded.