Rewards Program

Check out the amazing ways to earn rewards with us.

How does it work?



Earn Points


Want to earn more Points?

2 Points per 1 USD spent

Make a Purchase

250 Points

Celebrate a Birthday

50 Points

Create an Account

Spend $5000 get 1000 Points

Goal Spend

Complete 25 Orders - 500 Points

Goal Orders

Become a VIP and earn even more Points

There are no VIP tiers.

Redeem your Points

USD5 off discount for orders over 50 USD

100 points

USD10 off discount for orders over 100 USD

250 points

USD25 off discount for orders over 100 USD

750 points

Refer a Friend

Share our store to earn great discounts for yourself and a friend!

They will receive

USD25 off discount for orders over USD100

You will receive

USD25 off discount for orders over USD100

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join your rewards program?

New customers: Once you create a Swiss Chems account on your first order, your purchases and point activity will automatically synch within our rewards program.Returning customers: We have imported your previous rewards points (cashback) to this new rewards system. To view it, scroll down to the Earn Points tab within the Rewards widget.

How do I earn points under this program?

You earn two points for every dollar spent. The corresponding point value of a product is provided on its dedicated page.Once your order completes, your earned points will automatically reflect on your account.Earn more pointsYou can also earn points for every goal you reach. You can find these goals when you click on the Earn More Points button within the Rewards widget. Make sure to enter your birth date on the widget to get an instant 250 points on your special day. (https://vimeo.c

How can I check my point balance?

You can immediately view your earned points when you click on the Rewards widget at the lower-left bottom of your screen.

What is the difference between points and rewards?

Points accumulate as you buy or reach a goal. Upon earning a certain point balance, you can convert them to unlock a new reward.

Where can I see my available rewards?

Within the Rewards widget, you can click My Rewards to see which rewards you currently qualify. Click on the redeem button and copy the coupon code to save on your next purchase. ( can also find the points you still need to get a new reward when you click on the Spend Points button within the Rewards widget.

How can I earn rewards from referrals?

For each successful referral, you and your friend will each get a $25 discount on orders $100 and up. Your referral link gives your friend access to a coupon to immediately save on their first purchase. You will receive your reward once their order completes.

Where can I find my referral link?

Here’s how to find your referral link:

Can I also refer if I am a new customer?

Yes! Anyone who has a Swiss Chems account can refer and earn.

Who is eligible to be referred?

Existing customers do not count as a referral. If you happen to refer an existing customer and he attempts to use your referral link, he will be notified on the widget.Our referral system also checks a few things such as IP address, browser, cookie, and email address. If a referral is identified to belong to a single account, the system will block it.

How does the referral link work?

To use a referral link, simply copy and paste it to your browser. It will load our widget and ask for your email address. If the email passes as an eligible referral, it will give you a coupon code to use for the order. When your order completes, your referrer then gets their referral reward.If you have other questions, feel free to contact our support team any time by clicking the live chat icon on the bottom right or sending us an email at