About Us

Our mission is to make loyalty & referral marketing simpler and more automated

User experience is our north star: our primary focus is to make powerful but simple software that your customers will actually use. Our clean, intuitive user interfaces result in more customer engagement than other loyalty platforms that typically bloat the user with confusing options and overly complex usability.

Managing an e-commerce businesses is time consuming: Lootly was built from the ground up for total automation to save you time. Don't waste your team's time dealing with loyalty/referral management or problems. Everything about Lootly is fast

We want you to be able to install Lootly, configure it, then watch the revenue flow in without having to lift a finger.

What is Lootly?

Lootly is a loyalty and referral marketing automation software suite for e-commerce businesses.

Loyalty & referrals are some of the greatest tools in growing an e-commerce business. Repeat sales are absolutely critical to the long term health of a business, and there's literally no better way to increase repurchase rates than with Lootly's points and reward system. Referrals are a free traffic source: you are basically gaining an army of commission-only sales people who go out into the world and sell your products for you. Combining loyalty + referrals is a one-two punch marketing boost with directly measurable ROI.

We are headquartered in Orlando, FL and were founded in 2018.

Our Branding

Lootly is derived from the word "Loot", which is commonly used to describe treasure, money, rewards and gold. We help your customers earn Loot.

Plus... pirates are just cool.

Lootly is based in Florida, the #1 destination of Pirates in the United States. Yarr.

Leadership Team

  • lootly-ryan
    Ryan Co-Founder / CEO
  • lootly-larry
    Larry Co-Founder / CTO
  • lootly-aleksandra
    Aleksandra Director of Account Management

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