About Us

We're on a mission to redefine the Loyalty industry

Loyalty programs are a great revenue driver because they empower consumers to be excited about buying and sharing their experience with friends & family. However, we feel our industry is broken - High Prices, Contracts, and Lack of Features are holding eCommerce brands from reaching their true potential.

At Lootly, we believe there is a better way to handle Loyalty Marketing for eCommerce. Loyalty programs should be easily accessible, feature-rich and at an affordable price - that's our vision.

What is Lootly?

Lootly, a TrustSpot company, is an incentive marketing platform helping eCommerce brands grow their revenue & customer happiness through a Loyalty & Rewards program.

While other platforms are plagued by limitations and high prices, we built Lootly to be an easy to use solution for any business size.

Lootly is headquartered in Orlando, FL and was founded in 2018.

Our Branding

Lootly is derived from the word "Loot", which is commonly used to describe treasure, money, rewards and gold.

Since Lootly is based in Florida, which is home to some of the largest Pirate museums in the world, we wanted to utilize some type of word indicating treasure for our next project. After discussing with the team, we agreed upon Lootly and the company was founded.

Early on we wanted our branding to go far beyond just a logo, and decided to design special graphics, icons and illustrations showcasing the concept throughout the website & platform.

Leadership Team

  • lootly-ryan
    Ryan Co-Founder / CEO
  • lootly-larry
    Larry Co-Founder / CTO
  • lootly-caitlin
    Caitlin CFO
  • lootly-chris
    Chris Director of Growth
  • lootly-bonnie
    Bonnie Director of Support
  • lootly-kelly
    Kelly Director of Success

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Help us to redefine the Loyalty & Rewards space for eCommerce Brands.

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