Powerful loyalty points and rewards programs for eCommerce

Lootly helps you setup an automated loyalty program that your customers will actually use

Incentivize actions with points

Award loyalty points in exchange for actions like making a purchase or following you on Instagram. Lootly supports thousands of actions.

Increase your sales, social media presence, product reviews, and blog readership with direct incentives.

Create your own custom earning actions via Zapier or API

Point expiration & reminders

Set automated reminders to let previous customers know they have points in your store that are expiring soon. This level of engagement ensures dormant customers come back and redeem their points, thus directly driving new sales.

Lootly clients see an 25% increase in repurchase rates on average.

Reward your customers

Customers exchange their points for coupon rewards that you configure. Offer a variety of ways to reward your loyal customers, including:

  • $ Off Coupon
  • % Off Coupon
  • Free Product
  • Free Shipping
  • Variable $ Off Coupon
  • Custom Actions via API

Complete brand customization

Every text field and every color is 100% customizable. All customer interactions with Lootly will be a direct extension of your store and not appear as an external system.

Multi-Store Point Syndication

Have multiple stores? Share points between them to allow customers to earn and spend across all of your stores. Point syndication makes it easy to have a single, interchangeable point program across all channels.

In-Cart Point Redemption

Allow customers to redeem points for variable discount rewards directly on the checkout page for a seamless, frictionless user experience.

Powerful rules and restrictions engine

Control which products or customers qualify for the each earning or spending action. Easily exclude customers, such as wholesale accounts. Limit based on things like:

  • Customer Tag
  • VIP Tier
  • Product SKU
  • Product Category

Bonus Point Campaigns

Run limited time bonus point campaigns to boost sales and increase average order value. Incentivize holiday promotions by awarding extra points on purchases.

Configure a start + end date and even apply restrictions on which customers or which products qualify for bonus points.

Offer Custom Rewards

Allow customers to redeem points for custom rewards. Free product rewards can be automatically added to the cart upon redemption.

Complete Loyalty Marketing Platform

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VIP Program

Increase repeat purchases while offering unique perks for your best customers.


Turn customers into brand ambassadors to promote your store to their friends & family.

Customer Insights

Discover how customers are interacting with your program and make adjustments in a few clicks.

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