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Build your unique vision using our loyalty program SDK. You have full control: setup your 100% customizable program using our robust APIs, or have us do it for you

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Creative companies turn to Lootly for custom loyalty solutions because we have the expertise and modern technology to quickly take your idea, no matter how complex or unique, and make it a reality. While our out-of-the-box solutions are robust and cover all typical use cases, we understand that forward thinking brands often have their own vision, and we have built our highly open-ended APIs with that in mind to make it easy to setup tailor made loyalty programs.

In addition to full API access, we also offer affordable, "done-for-you" custom development solutions.

Complete Customer Loyalty SDK

Lootly's API gives developers the flexibility to turn their ideas into reality, without compromising on performance. Get started today.

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not weeks

Lootly's APIs were constructed with simplicty and expandability in mind.

Straightforward documentation and free developer support means less time coding

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Lootly is trusted by over 2,000 global brands, processing millions of points & rewards daily.

We maintain a 99.999% uptime guarantee on all services.

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Need help implementing an API or have a technical question? Get connected directly to our engineering team to limit any delays on building out your project.

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If there's an API feature you want that we don't currently support, just let us know and we will add it.

New endpoints, new parameters, new filters | we can add anything to meet your needs.

Give Points For Literally Anything

Utilize the Lootly "Give Points" API to reward any action you can think of

  • Built-in fraud prevention
  • Built-in restrictions engine
  • Lightning fast response times
  • Enterprise grade security

Reward Your Customers

Offer unlimited possibilities for customers to be rewarded for interacting with your program.

  • $ Off Coupon
  • $ Variable Off Coupon
  • % Off Coupon
  • Free Product
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Custom Points & Rewards

Best In Class Referral Programs

Directly incentivize customers to refer their friends. Pull referral activity data from our API into your CRM or email provider to run segmented campaigns.

Referrers can be rewarded with points or direct coupons. You can configure tiers to increase rewards based on the number of people referred.

  • Monitor influencers and advocates by revenue generated
  • Real-time fraud detection
  • End-to-end analytics to track the entire referral flow: from click to purchase
  • Post-purchase referral request popups
  • Built-in share integrations with Email, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, and SMS

Custom VIP Tiers

Loyalty tiers allow you to drive repeat purchases and long term brand loyalty

Segment and reward your best customers with exclusive discounts and special promotions.

  • Pull customer VIP data via API into your CRM or favorite marketing tools
  • Automatic handling of all upgrades & downgrades based on your settings
  • Manually award VIP status on a per customer level

Full Data Visibility

View detailed analytics for every aspect of your loyalty and referrals program. Easily track exactly how much revenue is being driven and where its coming from. Optimize your loyalty program over time by understanding which actions & rewards are being utilized the most and adjust your items in just a few clicks.

Easily drill down into individual customers to get a complete understanding of how a customer is using your program.

  • Pull all points program data via API into your CRM or favorite marketing tools
  • Pull all referral activity via API for custom displays or custom marketing campaigns

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