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Ads have gotten really expensive... what if you had an army of commission only sales people sending you sales daily?

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Affiliates partner with popular media sites, forums, blogs, newsletters, and other networks to reach new audiences and increase the change of sharing coverage.


Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors are a natural extension of your business as they look to work with other creators to reach new audiences for your company. Ambassadors typically promote your content across social media including text and video.



Influencers are often customers, and loyal fans of your brand, who seek to promote your products via word-of-mouth marketing.

Affiliate Management

  • Unlimited affiliates, offers, clicks, traffic and partnerships.
  • All-in-one platform to support your brand ambassadors, from custom campaigns, to unique offers and special payments.
  • Track offers easily with built-in metrics down to the channel, to see which sources drive the most conversions.
  • Easily onboard or import your ambassadors, influencers and affiliates in 1-click.

Advanced Offers

  • Create offers that stand out from the competition with options including: % Of Sale, $ Flat Rate and Tiered Commission.
  • Automatic coupon code assignment per affiliate.
  • Customize email notification content per offer.
  • Advanced cookie days logic to allow for 1st order only or unlimited orders.

Payment Management

  • Conveniently pay approved affiliate orders via PayPal, Gift Card and Manual options.
  • Pay single affiliates or Bulk pay affiliates in 2-clicks.
  • Preview order commission breakdown prior to payment.

Attribution & Sharing

  • First-party tracking to keep you compliant with the latest privacy changes.
  • No additional affiliate portal to login to, affiliates can access all their information directly within the Lootly widget.
  • Leverage affiliate links for SEO / Backlink building.
  • Channel metrics and revenue insights help you understand which avenues are centering the most sales for your brand.

Data & Privacy

  • Dashboard summary view across all offers, affiliates and pending actions such as approving new affiliates or payments.
  • Individual affiliate profiles allow you to get an inside look into how your influencers are performing.
  • In-depth reporting across offers, channels, payment methods, and affiliates.
  • Build your own custom dashboards based on Lootly’s Rest API or exported reports.
  • Compliant with GDPR and CCPA guidelines.

Comprehensive Platform to Drive Growth

Lootly drives 15x ROI on average through its seamless and fully customized
incentive marketing programs for e-commerce brands

Referral Marketing

Transform customers into high LTV loyalty advocates through the power of word-of-mouth referrals.

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Points & Rewards

Deploy a branded loyalty experience that awards customers points and discounts for thousands of actions.

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Tier Based Programs

Give your best customers more opportunities to engage with your brand with exclusive rewards.

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