Complete All-in-One Loyalty, Referrals and Affiliate Marketing for your brand

Launch a fully branded loyalty experience for your customers in just a few minutes.

Data Driven Loyalty and Referral Software For eCommerce
Thousands of ways to earn and spend points

Thousands of ways to earn and spend points

Launch a loyalty program completely customized with points & rewards relevant to your customers and brand.

  • Increase product subscriptions by awarding points to new subscribers.
  • Encourage customers to upload photos with their reviews by awarding points.
  • Utilize custom rewards for custom products or even contest entries.
  • Flexible API allows you to build actions for any scenario.
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Referral Popup & Embed

Drive more revenue growth with our automated referral solution backed by iron-clad fraud prevention.

  • Full brand customization including colors, fonts, images and advanced html editor access.
  • 7 sharing methods supported including SMS.
  • Automatic fraud detection & blocking.
  • Detailed analytics for ROI reporting.
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Referral Popup & Embed
Automatically notify your customers

VIP Tiers with unique benefits

Introduce a unique VIP Tier program to encourage customers to spend more and better engage with your brand.

  • Setup special rewards such as Lifetime Free Shipping, Birthday Points, and Free Gifts.
  • Give customers higher point multiples to continually encourage spending.
  • Automatically email customers to let them know their new VIP tier with coupon codes inserted for easy usage.
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Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Launch a fully integrated affiliate program for your brand or move your existing program to Lootly in a few clicks.

  • Unlimited affiliates, offers, clicks, traffic and partnerships.
  • Create offers that stand out from the competition with options including: % Of Sale, $ Flat Rate and Tiered Commission.
  • Conveniently pay approved affiliate orders via PayPal, Gift Card and Manual options.
  • No additional affiliate portal to login to, affiliates can access all their information directly within the Lootly widget.
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Attribution & Sharing
Beautiful Mobile-First UI

Beautiful Mobile-First UI

Lootly allows you to showcase your entire loyalty program from widgets to dedicated pages without compromising on design.

Our mobile-first approach ensures your customers are given a consistent design experience, regardless of what device their on.

In-depth Performance Metrics

Understand at scale which customers and affiliates drive the most revenue to your brand including number of orders, sales, sharing statistics and best performing channels.

Lootly provides a complete ROI breakdown into your program costs, revenue and fees.

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Revenue Metrics

Easily integrate your favorite apps

Connect an unlimited number of apps to further expand your loyalty program, including: Klaviyo, Gorgias, Recharge and many more.

Build custom ways for customers to interact with your program including API or Zapier.

All Integrations

Comprehensive Platform to Drive Growth

Lootly drives 15x ROI on average through its seamless and fully customized
incentive marketing programs for e-commerce brands

Referral Marketing

Transform customers into high LTV loyalty advocates through the power of word-of-mouth referrals.

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Points & Rewards

Deploy a branded loyalty experience that awards customers points and discounts for thousands of actions.

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Tier Based Programs

Give your best customers more opportunities to engage with your brand with exclusive rewards.

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Affiliate Marketing

Manage and track affiliates, ambassadors and influencers to maximize growth.

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Grow your brand with Lootly

Whether you are looking to acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty, or drive
new DTC subscriptions, Lootly’s loyalty marketing platform software can help.

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