The Best Loyalty & Referrals Program For BigCommerce

Lootly is the #1 all-in-one customer loyalty, points, rewards, VIP, and referrals platform for e-commerce

Launch a fully customizable BigCommerce loyalty program in minutes

Lootly directly connects to BigCommerce with our BigCommerce Loyalty App. This connection allows Lootly to directly interface with BigCommerce's native login, customer, order, and discount code systems for a seamless frontend experience. Our single-sign-on system means customers do not need an additional login or account.

Customers earn loyalty points through a variety of actions, such as making a purchase or following you on Twitter. Points can then be redeemed for rewards (discount codes). Our referral program incentivizes customers to refer their friends in exchange for rewards.

What separates Lootly from other solutions is the sheer amount of customization and granular controls and restrictions that we support. You have total control over every aspect, from visual appearence to how customers are allowed to utilize rewards.

We offer US based live chat and phone support, as well as custom development services.

Incentivize Actions with Points

With tons of ways to earn & spend points, you can build exciting ways for customers to interact with your BigCommerce store. Lootly is the only loyalty platform that allows custom earning actions through Zapier or our API.

Sell Wholesale? Our restriction engine gives you control over who can earn points, and how. Easily restrict wholesale customers from earning points.

Sell Multi-Channel? Easily restrict orders from Amazon/eBay/Walmart/etc from the program

Reward Any Way You Want

Lootly directly utilizes BigCommerce's native discount code system

  • $ Off Coupon
  • % Off Coupon
  • Free Product
  • Free Shipping
  • Variable $ Off Coupon
  • Custom Actions via API

You have full control with our restrictions engine

  • Restrict Customers with Tags
  • Restrict by Product
  • Restrict by Category
  • Restrict by VIP Tier
  • Limit Usage
  • Add Expiration Dates

Powerful Referral Programs

If every customer referred 1 friend who made a purchase, how much revenue would that produce? A properly designed referral program is like having an army of commission-only sales people go to work for you.

Looty's powerful referral software directly incentivizes customers to refer their friends through the use of on-site widgets and post-purchase popups with integrated sharing mechanisms for SMS, Email, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Directly measure the ROI down to the penny with robust analytics and reports that track the entire flow for every referer from share, to click, to purchase. Our built-in multi-point fraud detection system eliminates potential abuse such as self referrals.

Custom VIP Tiers

Create a custom VIP tier program to reward your most loyal customers. Segment and reward your best customers with exclusive discounts and special promotions.

  • Customizable Tier Design
  • Rolling Qualifiying Period
  • Increased Point Earning
  • Entry Rewards
  • Lifetime Rewards
  • Custom Rewards

Full Reports With Measurable ROI

No Mysteries. You will know precisely how things are performing

View detailed analytics for every aspect of your loyalty and referrals program. Easily track exactly how much revenue is being driven and where its coming from. Optimize your loyalty program over time by understanding which actions & rewards are being utilized the most and adjust your items in just a few clicks.

Easily drill down into individual customers to see exactly how they are engaging with your programs

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