Incentivize actions with a VIP Program

Drive loyalty while simultaneously growing your revenue, and customer happiness.

Define Tier Milestones

Specify how customers can earn access to your amazing VIP program including: Amount Spent and Points Earned. This encourages users to shop & interact more with your brand.

Customize Tier Rewards

Offer entry rewards when customers first achieve VIP status, and lifetime rewards for their continued loyalty with your brand.

Lootly also allows you to offer Custom Rewards, which are unique perks centered around your brand and administered by your team.

Create your own Tiers

Create unique names for your Tiers that best represent your brand such as: Gold Tier or Surf Legend

Add your unique icon to further customize the appearance of your Tiers to customers.

Customer Group Segmentation

Lootly makes it easy to create special VIP programs for specific groups of customers such as Retail and Wholesale users.

This allows you to create separate rewards that make sense for those customer groups.

Complete Loyalty Marketing Platform

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Points & Rewards

Encourage actions & reward customers for interacting with your brand.


Turn customers into brand ambassadors to promote your store to their friends & family.

Customer Insights

Discover how customers are interacting with your program and make adjustments in a few clicks.

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