A referral program that customers will actually use

Turn your customers into a commission-only sales army

Hyper intuitive user interfaces that make referring extremely easy

Low friction, zero hassle for referrers. No signups, no nonsense. Just click.

Lootly allows your customers an easy way to share your brand with their friends and family.

Reward both the
sender and receiver

Create unique rewards for customers who share their referral link, and for those who click on the link to make a purchase at your store.

  • $ Off Coupon
  • % Off Coupon
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Product
  • Free Points

Smooth and seamless customer journey

Fully customize all aspects of your customer’s journey including images, colors, text.

You can even utilize our CSS editor to add custom touches to your designs.

Track it - all of it

Discover how customers are interacting with your referral program at every step. See exactly where the flow falls off and how much ROI is generated

100% visibility into:

  • Referral Revenue
  • Avg Order Value
  • Top Referrers
  • Referral Orders
  • Shares & Clicks Breakdown
  • Top Influencers

Complete Loyalty Marketing Platform

Check out the other ways Lootly can help your business

Points & Rewards

Encourage actions & reward customers for interacting with your brand.

VIP Program

Increase repeat purchases while offering unique perks for your best customers.

Customer Insights

Discover how customers are interacting with your program and make adjustments in a few clicks.

Discover what Lootly can do for your business