Reward customers for leaving reviews

Automatically award points for leaving product reviews, uploading photos, or submitting surveys

Accelerate your UGC collection

Connect Lootly to TrustSpot to automatically award points for any TrustSpot content submission

Intelligent Review Requests

Easily collect more product & company reviews, photos, and questions/answers with AI powered email requests.

  • In-email review form
  • Ask custom questions
  • Send from your own domain
  • Higher response rate
  • Design customization

Visual Marketing

Your customer's photos are your biggest marketing asset. Harness the power of customer photos + Instagram to upsell products directly on your site.

  • Collect photos with reviews
  • Upsell products from Instagram
  • Higher response rate
  • Build your brand with social proof

Community Q&A

Give prospective buyers a voice by allowing them to ask questions on your products.

  • Decrease buyer hesitation
  • Engage past buyers to help answer questions for you

Implementation Service

TrustSpot will implement the service on your site, fully customize the design to match your brand and import your existing reviews.

This is a Free Service and is completed the Same Day.

Featured Product Upsells

Increase your repeat purchases by promoting other great products to your customers on each TrustSpot email.

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