Talkable Alternative

Talkable is very expensive for a platform that only does basic referrals.

A comprehensive program should include point rewards, VIP, referrals and affiliates, which Lootly provides in an all-in-one solution that's substantially less expensive than Talkable

No Usage Limits, No Contracts

Talkable doesn't even advertise their pricing (which means its really high), they make you get on a high pressure sales call then gouge you based on your order volume. We're not a fan of that, so our pricing is transparent and not based on volume.

  • Unlimited Orders and Customers
  • U.S. Based Live Chat + Phone Support
  • Multi-Store Rewards (Multi-Store Point Sharing)
  • Fully Accessible API

Build a compelling VIP program

Give special benefits to your most loyal customers, and incentivize all customers to spend more

  • Rules and restrictions engine
  • 100% Customizable
  • Built-in fraud prevention
  • Customizable rewards

Hyper intuitive popups that make referring extremely easy

Low friction, zero hassle for referrers. No signups, no nonsense. Just click.

Talkable does not offer SMS or FB Messenger, which are critical sharing options.

Reward Any Way You Want

Lootly directly utilizes your shop's native discount code system

  • $ Off Coupon
  • % Off Coupon
  • Free Product
  • Free Shipping
  • Variable $ Off Coupon
  • Custom Actions via API

You have full control with our restrictions engine

  • Restrict Customers with Tags
  • Restrict by Product
  • Restrict by Category
  • Restrict by VIP Tier
  • Limit Usage
  • Add Expiration Dates

Incentivize way more than just referrals

Offer customers a complete loyalty, VIP, and referrals program to skyrocket repurchase rates and brand advocacy.

  • Virtually infinite ways to earn & spend points
  • Granular controls and restrictions
  • Automatic sync with your store
  • Iron-clad fraud and abuse detection

Accelerate Your Affiliate Marketing

Launch a fully integrated affiliate & influencer marketing campaign with Lootly.

  • Unlimited affiliates, offers, traffic and conversions.
  • Create compelling offers with unique coupon codes and usage logic.
  • Easily onboard or import your ambassadors, influencers and affiliates in a few clicks.
  • Multiple payment methods supported including: PayPal, Gift Card and Manual Payout.
  • In-depth analytics to see how well your offers and affiliates are performing so you can make better, data driven decisions.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

With a comprehensive suite of features, unlimited orders, and thousands of ways to connect with your customers; Lootly makes it easy to scale your brand - without breaking the bank. All plans are backed by our 60-day, risk-free 100% money-back guarantee.

See how much you can save by making the switch

$699 Plan $799 Plan
Referral popup Yes Yes
Affiliate Marketing Yes No
Audience targeting Yes Yes
Unlimited orders Yes No
Points & Rewards Yes No
VIP tier program Yes No
Dedicated program page Yes No

With Lootly you get the same referral system as Talkable, but also access to a complete loyalty suite including point rewards, VIP tiers, referrals and affiliate marketing. Why pay more and get less?

Switching is Seamless

Import your customers in just a few minutes.

  • Export from Talkable

  • Import into Lootly

    Starting on $299 Plan

  • Success!

    That was easy :)

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