Funky Monkey Fabrics increases repurchase rate by 25% per month

Industry: Clothing and Apparel
Platform: Bigcommerce
Favorite Feature: Points and Rewards


Year Founded


Increase in Repurchase Rate


Value Generated (90 days)

Our repurchase rate is now averaging 75% per month, previously it was around 50%

Melissa Harris

Owner of Funky Monkey Fabrics

Company Overview

Funky Monkey Fabrics is an online fabric store that was born out of its founder Melissa’s desire to hand-craft unique clothing items for her little daughter. When she discovered this creative drive of hers, she decided to pursue the new passion and stock up on supplies to create even more unique pieces. After discovering that the fabric selection across Canada is so limited, she made it her mission to create a Fabric Shop that focused on affordable, premium quality fabrics and sewing supplies that people actually wanted.

The business started in 2013 and has grown so much since then, largely because Melissa listens to her customers’ opinions, wants and needs and makes sure she meets them as best as possible

We didn't have anything set up to reward our customers for coming back to us time and again, so we researched and discovered loyalty programs are a perfect way to gain and retain customers.


Standing out from the competition is so important for e-commerce businesses, especially in times when customers’ attention span is so short and losing them to your closest competitor is a matter of click. Melissa wanted to stand out in her market space and wanted to do something more for her customers who have entrusted her with their money for quality and diverse fabrics selection. 

She started researching various methods to keep customers coming back to her store and found out that she can set up various rewards and incentivize customers to keep coming back to her store. She discovered that loyalty programs would be a great way to achieve her goal. 


Funky Monkey Fabrics was using Trustspot when they discovered Lootly, which came as a good combination of tools to run and manage loyalty for e-commerce. The  initial goal of the business was to increase the customer retention rate and repeat purchases. For that, they set a simple strategy based on their customers’ buying habits and what they find valuable: customers receive points for every dollar they spend and then they are rewarded with a coupon code to use for $ off their order. This works very well for the business for 2 reasons: first, customers are happy because they’re saving money when they buy and second, they keep coming back to shop with her because they know they’ll earn points with each purchase they make. 

I think our loyalty program motivates customers to spend more knowing they will earn more points, as well as it keeps them shopping on our site as opposed to a competitor.


Funky Monkey Fabrics has been using Lootly to deploy, run and manage their loyalty program for over a year now.  They have experienced a significant growth in important metrics for them and are overall satisfied with what Lootly does for them as a tool that supports their loyalty marketing efforts.

In the last 3 months, Lootly helped the business generate ~$92,000 in value from their loyalty program. Before they deployed Lootly, their repurchase rate was around 50% and today is averaging 75% per month, which is a solid increase of about 25% on a per month basis. 

Her experience with Lootly so far was excellent and she is happy that her customers interact with the program easily, they use it frequently and most importantly, they understand its value so they’re more stimulated to engage with it and her brand. 

"I believe a loyalty program is so important for ecommerce. With so many online businesses these days, you need to find creative ways to set yourself apart. This is the perfect way to ensure customer retention."

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