January 2021 Release Notes

Ryan Haidinger on January 23, 2021


We are happy to introduce over 30 exciting new features and improvements to the Lootly platform in our January 2021 release notes.


As you scroll through the list, you will likely notice some features that are already live. The release notes today include many features which were released to some customers in Nov & Dec 2020 but are now live for everybody. 


Thank you for your continued support of Lootly! 


Table of Contents


Due to the size of this release, we are breaking down updates by section of the platform:


1.     Major New Features

2.     Points

3.     Referrals

4.     VIP

5.     Display

6.     Customers

7.     Integrations


 1.     Major New Features 

Smart Referral Popups

The introduction of our referral popups and embeds in 2020 now give customers the ability to immediately refer their friends after placing an order. The popup can be placed directly into the thank you page and fully customized to match your brand. 

Go beyond simple text and images changes,, by adding your own custom CSS – further allowing you to create something truly one of a kind.

Our popup also offers audience targeting and display logic settings allowing you to control exactly where the popup shows and who it displays for. 

In addition, we are happy to announce that the referral popup includes additional support for: SMS, WhatsApp and FB Messenger.

You can deploy the popup today by going to: Referrals > Referral Methods > Popup.

To learn more, view our support guide



Bonus Point Campaigns

This feature makes it easy to launch promotional point campaigns during events such as holidays. During the time of the promotion, customers earn double points or more. Once the campaign is finished, customers will automatically begin earning their regular points.

You can launch a campaign today by going to: Points > Bonus Point Campaigns.

To learn more, view our support guide.


Point Slider in Checkout

Allowing customers to redeem points at checkout is a great way to promote points spending and increase engagement with your reward program. Adding the slider just takes a few minutes. 

Note: Currently this feature only works for Shopify Plus, but our goal is to deploy it to BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Magento 2 in February.

To deploy this feature to your Shopify Plus store, a basic knowledge of theme editing is required. Please review our support guide to get started. 


Multi-Store Point Syndication 

One of our largest features of this release introduces the ability for a customer’s point balance to be shared between multiple e-commerce stores that Lootly is deployed to. 


This allows a customer to earn points on multiple stores (example: US and CA) than redeem points from a combined balance for a discount on the store of their choice.


To setup this feature go to: Points > Settings and scroll down to the bottom. To learn more, view our support guide .



2.     Points 


We’ve made significant improvements to our points program giving you more ways to connect with your customers. 


Points Earning Improvements


·      Added “Code entry” earning action 


·      Added “Referral goal orders” earning action


·      Added “YouTube” earning action


·      Updated “ReCharge subscription” earning action


·      Updated “Custom Zapier” earning action to latest version. To setup Zapier actions, view our support guide


·      Updated “birthday points” to include EU format - learn more on how birthdays are rewarded here.


Points Spending Improvements


·      Added “country restriction” to Free Shipping discount type (Shopify & BigCommerce). To  learn more, view our support guide.


·      Added “VIP only reward” setting to all spending rewards, which prevents the reward from being acquired with points. Rather a customer can only obtain this reward if it’s from a VIP Tier reward.


·      Added “limited quantity redemption” to the free product reward, in order to promote special products with limited stock on hand. To learn more, view our support guide


·      Updated “free product” spending reward to allow auto-add to cart, custom redemption instructions and direct product link to make it easier for customers. To learn more, view our support guide.


Points Setting Improvements


·      Added the ability to display “points expiration time” within the widget.


·      Added new settings area for “Multi-store point syndication”. You will need to have at least 2 e-commerce stores in order for this feature to be enabled.


·      Updated “point expiration” to have the option for 90 days. 



3.     Referrals


Referral Improvements


Beyond our large reveal of the referral popup and embed today, we’ve also made improvements to referral sharing options and display.


·      Added new “sharing options” to now include: SMS, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp - check out this guide for more information.


·      Added referral url to the “referral blacklist” feature in settings to prevent particular sites from pushing referral traffic to your program.


·      Added the ability to disable “fraud protection” in settings for testing / sandbox environments only. 


·      Updated the “referral methods” page to better display all the great ways Lootly offers for referral marketing. As new methods are introduced, they will be added to this page. 



4.     VIP


VIP Program Improvements


·      Added the ability to give “birthday points” for a tier reward. This will allow you to give extra points for your VIP customers.


·      Updated VIP Rolling Period to now offer months 1-11 as an option, in addition to existing options today. 



5.     Display 


Visual Display Improvements


·      Added a new feature called “inline points” which allow you to display the number of points a product is worth to a customer purchasing it.



To add this new element to your website, visit: Display > Inline Points and copy the code snippet into your product page below the product title or price.



6.     Customers 


Customer Profile Improvements


·      Added the ability to write “private notes”, about a particular customer within their profile. Useful especially if multiple employees are accessing your account.


·      Added the ability to “unsubscribe” a customer from your loyalty program emails on a manual basis. Learn how to unsubscribe customers from program emails here.


·      Added the ability to automatically “sync customer tags” from Shopify into the Lootly customer profile. This is enabled by default, which means as tags are added in Shopify they are automatically pushed into Lootly.



7.     Integrations


Integration Updates


·      Added “Neto” e-commerce platform integration.

·      Updated  “Klaviyo” to push customer’s birthday if available.

API Improvements


·      Updated “give points” api to utilize customer email.


·      Updated “customer activity” api to utilize customer email. 


·      Refreshed API documentation for new customer examples. 


Ryan Haidinger

Ryan Haidinger

Ryan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Lootly.

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