DKOldies found the perfect partner for loyalty and referrals marketing

Industry: Retro Games, Consoles and Accessories
Platform: Bigcommerce
Favorite Feature: Option to offer multiple rewards


Year Founded

~ $59,000

Value Generated (90 days)

Customers have said they enjoy the new program and like seeing the new items that go up as rewards


Social Media Marketing and Time Traveler

Company Overview

DKOldies is a retro video game online store specializing in original Nintendo NES, SNES, N64 and more original game systems and accessories from the 80's and 90's. Here you can find retro games, consoles and accessories for consoles dating all the way back to the Atari. All products sold in this store are authentic, genuine and 100% original. In addition to the many checks they have in place, they also have a specialized technician who runs the last checks of products before they’re offered to the public. 

As a tight-knit community, DKOldies pride themselves on their superior customer service and understanding they have for their customers’ needs. 

We get all kinds of interesting gaming items into the shop every day. Taking some of the coolest things and offering them as redeemable rewards seemed like a great way to give the customer access to these products in a fun way.


The company has a loyal customer base who entrust them with their needs for retro games and accessories. And DKOldies wanted to do something more in return and offer a rewards program that will be a new and fun element to their website with which customers can communicate and ultimately foster customer loyalty. 

Their marketing department already had an idea of all the cool rewards they can offer through a fun and easy-to-use, almost gamified program.


DKOldies uses several different apps to run smooth e-commerce marketing among which is Klaviyo. So their primary need was a software that can seamlessly integrate with their e-commerce marketing stack. Having heard great things about Lootly, DKOldies decided to deploy their programs with our product.  

Their goal is to inspire customers to collect points and then to redeem them for some of the offered rewards. Besides discount codes, the company focuses largely on giving free products, which resonates a lot with their customers who are great gaming aficionados. 

Among the popular free product rewards is their Mystery Retro Box which is hugely sought after at their store. Additionally, they are further inspiring customers to engage with their loyalty program by giving a specialized, branded t-shirt designed for the program.

They also run a referrals program, structured with awesome rewards that customers find valuable. Rewards are chosen with a goal in mind: to help customers collect more points in order to redeem enough for a special prize.

Rewards are changed periodically. As they receive new, various and super cool games and accessories daily, the company wants to make them available to anyone in a way that’s fun and corresponding to their main motive: gaming. 

I knew that a rewards program would be a great way to add some excitement to our website and I was looking for a company that integrated with the back-end programs we use and who offered the features I needed.


DKOldies has been using Lootly for over 5 months now. Thanks to their well-researched and strategically structured programs, Lootly helps them generate over $25,000 per month. 

In addition to amazing financial results, DKOldies sees other benefits from deploying a loyalty program with Lootly, which is the ability to run super cool and targeted email campaigns that resonate with their users.

Their customers are super happy with the offering and are engaging with the program regularly and effectively. 

The marketing team at DKOldies loves all the new features that have recently been added to the product such as bonus point campaigns and the advanced referrals suite, giving them even more options to put their program in front of their customers in a fun, new and distinctive way.

They listen to their customers carefully and try to offer them the best experience ever at their e-store. They communicate with the Lootly team on everything their customers find valuable and the team makes sure to always meet their needs.

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