KBDfans generates $2.5 million in new value in less than 2 years

Industry: Mechanical Keyboards / Tech Accessories
Platform: Shopify
Favorite Feature: Brand Customization


New program members

20 million

Points earned (last 30 days)


Value generated (last 30 days)

Company Overview

KBDfans is an online store for mechanical keyboards and accessories. They offer a wide range of mechanical keyboards people can choose from,  as well as parts and accessories allowing aficionados to build their own keyboard. There’s a huge level of customization available which attracts mechanical keyboard enthusiasts from all over the world, thus comprising a super large customer base. 

The store is located in China, and is an exclusively online store selling on their website as well as other marketplaces such as Amazon.


The company reached out to Lootly back in 2019, so they’ve been using our solution for over a year and a half now. 

Given their big customer base made of people from all ages, backgrounds and corners of the world, who turn to them regularly for all their mechanical keyboard needs, they wanted to do something in return and ensure that they won’t lose customers to the competition. 

Their core need was a simple loyalty program, with a clean user interface, easy to use and that doesn’t cost a fortune. The program was envisioned to be points and rewards and the goal was to make it as easy as possible for users to interact with it. 

In addition to the simplicity and ease of use, KBDfans needed a solution that won’t put a limit on the number of customers or the volume of orders they process each month; they needed a solution that provides unlimited use, because they’re growing super fast and needed a partner to support them rather than add additional financial pressure on the business.


Lootly’s points and rewards program meets all the needs of KBDfans: 

  • It’s super easy to configure: their strategy was to offer few ways to earn points and rewards that they know will incentivize customers to come back to the store. 

  • The UI is designed to provide the best UX possible for all types of customers; it’s easily accessible, easy to read and interact with and even proactive: the nudge system reminds customers they have rewards which pushes redemption.
  • Finally, usage of Lootly is unlimited - KBDfans found a solution that can support their massive customer base of 300,000 + customers without placing a burden on their budget


Since implementing Lootly and introducing their points and rewards program, KBDfans has experienced a staggering growth. 

Redemption-wise, their customers are using the offered rewards, with their basic reward marking the highest redemption rate; in the last 30 days, they have issued over 5,000 rewards.

In just 30 days, 20 million points were earned and 43,000 earning actions were completed. 

There’s a 16% increase compared to previous month in the number of new customers acquired, or in total of 23,000 new program members. 

Finally, the most important metric - the ROI. 

KBD Fans averages $337,000 monthly in new value generation, which represents a 28x ROI of their total monthly investment.

Over the past 2.5 years, Lootly has helped KBD Fans generate over $3 million dollars in new value generation, which speaks volumes to what Lootly is capable of.

The combination of knowing what makes their customers happy, a super easy to use solution that met their exact needs and the support and assistance of our team contributed to this amazing success for KBDfans. 

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