Audi Mods increases referral revenue by 21%

Industry: Automotive
Platform: Shopify
Favorite Feature: VIP Program


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Our team was happy with the ease of use, functionality and overall pricing that Lootly offered to us. We had been given quotes from other places with far less features but for 3x the price such as Swell Rewards. I’ve been extremely impressed with how well Lootly is working for us.

Michael Williams

Director of eCommerce

Company Overview

Audi Mods was founded in 2017 to provide high quality, easily installable cosmetic mods.

We hand pick each product and offer a small, but curated high quality selection of only the coolest, finest products. Rather than have a selection of thousands of items to look through: we narrow it down for you to only offer the sweetest accessories to add style to your ride without breaking the bank.

We knew a loyalty program could help our business dramatically since currently 49% of our revenue is derived from referrals, but we were surprised how few companies could match us on features or pricing.


After establishing a reviews & visual content partner with TrustSpot, Audi Mods wanted to further strengthen their brand with a loyalty & referrals program. Unfortunately, the team was dismayed by the lack of features and pricing given to them by other platforms in the United States.

The primary concern and overall challenge was finding a partner that seemed to focus on the automotive industry and could help their exact use cases. Audi Mods in particular thrives on retail relationships & brand events to drive consumers to their business and wanted to find a platform that could help amplify that experience.


Since Lootly is a TrustSpot company, Audi Mods soon discovered the Lootly solution and was happy to finally consolidate many of their services into the same company. Besides looking for a solution to help grow their business use cases, they also wanted to limit the time spent by their team members on the dozen apps they utilize today.

The initial goal of Audi Mods was to deploy a referral solution to help turn their customers into brand ambassadors, however soon the team discovered other features to drive their business. These features included the VIP Program, so that they could offer exclusive savings & benefits to their most loyal customers. They also deployed a points program to reward their customers for writing product reviews, since TrustSpot integrates perfectly with Lootly.

Lootly helped Audi Mods deploy all of their requested programs including handling the design & customer segmentation rules for their marketing campaigns. The Audi Mods team was able to onboard and deploy their solution in less then 1 day, which far exceeded their launch expectations.

We initially blocked off 2 weeks to build our program rules, referral system and the design work. Loyalty is a new concept for us, so we wanted to do it right to help our customers. The team at Lootly stepped in and took care of everything including listening to our needs and building out the rules & handling the design work. The customer service has been very helpful.


Lootly helped Audi Mods to not only deploy it’s new loyalty & referrals solution, but Lootly also provided full training and best practices to the marketing team at Audi Mods. This training coupled with continued tweaking of their loyalty program has since paid for itself many times over.

In fact, Audi Mods has created over $46,000 in new value generation in the past 90 days. Value generation is how much additional revenue has been created from customers interacting with the Lootly program on their site. Even more impressive is that 21% of that value was created from their new referrals program. This means that customers are actively engaging with their program and sharing their awesome experience with friends & family.

The Lootly program has been instrumental in the growth of Audi Mods as they continue to expand into new markets within the United States and Canada.

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