April 2021 Release Notes

Ryan Haidinger on April 14, 2021


We are happy to introduce over 20 exciting new features and improvements to the Lootly platform in our April 2021 release notes.


Thank you for your continued support of Lootly! 


Table of Contents


Due to the size of this release, we are breaking down updates by section of the platform:

  1. Major New features
  2. Points
  3. Referrals
  4. Display
  5. Customers
  6. Integrations



1. Major New Features

Goal Referrals

You can now gamify your referrals program by defining “milestones” for your customers and thus offer better rewards as they hit those goals. That way, you can offer rewards they find valuable without putting too much pressure on your business. 


In addition, with this reward type you further incentivize your customers to advocate for your brand which not only brings you new customers, but also raises brand awareness and most importantly, strengthens the relationship with your customers, essentially boosting loyalty.


Setup Goal Referrals today, by going to: Referrals > Rewards > Goal Referrals (under Sender)

To learn more, view our support guide



Enhanced Earning & Spending Conditions 

Within the April 2021 release, we have overhauled our earning and spending conditions feature to bring more flexibility to various e-commerce carts.

A common scenario today, is the ability to limit the “Make a Purchase” action to only give points on various products or categories. We’ve updated the search mechanism to make it easier to find your specific products and categories.

We’ve also updated the product and category search function for spending rewards, so now it’s even easier to limit rewards to specific products or categories.


Custom Spending Reward

This new spending reward allows you to offer more unique experiences to customers of your brand. This reward is not fulfilled by Lootly, but rather by your brand directly.

For our clients who utilize VIP Tiers today, you already have the ability to offer custom text rewards – that same concept is now available as a spending reward.

A few cool examples you can now offer:

  •            Donation to a charity 
  •       Exclusive access to sales
  •       Entry ticket for contest

To add this exciting new reward type, click into: Points > Spending > Custom Reward


Re:amaze Integration 

We are happy to introduce the Re:amaze integration, which will allow you to automatically pull in customer loyalty data directly into the side bar of your chat conversations.


This streamlined approach will ensure your support agents have additional data when speaking to customers. 


Data points include: 

  • Customer name (linked to profile)
  • Point balance 
  • VIP tier
  • Birthday
  • Referral URL


To learn more and to setup this integration, view our support guide



Email Domain Blacklist 

As a merchant, you may be processing orders that are coming from other marketplaces, such as Amazon or Ebay. And you may want to prevent these customers from being eligible to enter in your loyalty program. 


You can now achieve this by simply blocking the email domain itself (example: @ebay.com). Lootly will automatically prevent these customers from being placed into your loyalty program.



Start adding marketplace emails today by going to:  Points > Settings (scroll to the bottom)


To learn more, view our support guide



2. Points 


We’ve made a few improvements to our points program for better option visibility and to also help your customers redeem points.


Points Earning & Spending Improvements


  • Added optional text field for variable discount entry (versus only using the slider).


  • Updated earning / spending tables to sort items by enabled first.


  • Updated spending reward overview page to better display which rewards are set to: VIP only and Goal Referrals only.



3. Referrals


Referral Improvements


Beyond our introduction of Goal Referrals today – an exciting new way to engage with your customers, we’ve also made various improvements to the platform.

  • Updated referral receiver rewards to now include points as an option (versus only offering coupons prior).
  • Updated the referral activity section of the widget to now include more information (date referred user signed up, email sent, and success data).



4. Display 


Visual Display Improvements


We’ve added numerous new features and updates across the widget, email and the referral popup based on your feedback, including:



  • Added coupon expiration display within the My Rewards and Coupon Redemption screen.


  • Added the ability to set a custom URL for the primary email button (currently each template takes the customer to your homepage).

  • Added a new tag called “expiration-date” , which now pulls in the exact date (ex: expires on 4/10/2021) versus previously only pulling in the expiration rolling time (ex: expires in 30 days).


Referral Popup & Embed

  • Updated both the Popup & Embed mobile mode to display the brand logo on step 1. 



5. Customers 


Customer Page New Features

  • Added the ability to import customer tags in bulk.
  • Added the ability to import offline transactions. This import will add the orders to a customers profile, including points and used coupons.


Customer Profile Improvements

  • Updated referral slug field to allow for custom name changes (ex: /abc1234 > can be customized to now display /ryansponsor)
  • Updated the birthday area to display the date a customer added their birthday.



6. Integrations


New Integrations

  • Added “Re:amaze” integration. You can now pull in customer loyalty data into your customer support chat conversations. View Setup Guide.


API Improvements

  • Added new Referral APIs to pull the receiver reward and to allow custom email forms. View Referrals API
  • Added new Custom Action API, to allow for deeper earning actions. This is now the recommended api for earning points over the “give points” api, since this new custom action api allows for full reporting. View Custom Action API
  • Added new “Webhooks” feature to automatically ping your URL endpoint when a customer redeems a reward. View Webhooks guide.


Ryan Haidinger

Ryan Haidinger

Ryan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Lootly.

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