August 2021 Release Notes

Ryan Haidinger on August 16, 2021


We are happy to introduce over 10 exciting new features and 6 new integrations to the Lootly platform in our August 2021 release notes.

Thank you for your continued support of Lootly! 

Table of Contents


Due to the size of this release, we are breaking down updates by section of the platform:


1.     Major New Features

2.     Points

3.     Referrals

4.     Display

5.     Customers

6.     Reports

7.     Integrations



1. Major New Features

Email Analytics

The introduction of our email analytics tool, now gives you greater visibility into your overall email performance.

The Run Report feature allows you to select a particular email type, such as points earned, and then see all relevant stats around email. 

The blocks at the top of the page show your overall performance and are automatically updated with each report.

You can access the email analytics by going to: Reports > Emails 



New Integrations 

We are excited to announce 6 new integrations are now available in Lootly in order to help you super charge your experience.

If you have any suggestions for a new integration, please let our team know.

You can connect each integration, by going to: Integrations > Overview



2. Points 


We’ve made a few improvements to our points program, such as more ways to earn points.


Points Earning & Spending Improvements


  • Added PowerReviews earning action, to award points to a customer for writing a product review.


  • Added TargetBay earning action, to award points to a customer for writing a product review.

  • Updated coupon expiration to now include a fixed date option versus previously only having a rolling expiration option.



3. Referrals


Referral Improvements


We also are happy to introduce a few smaller improvements to the overall referrals program to enhance your experience.

  • Updated Milestone Reward to now have the ability to give points per referral (in addition to earning a special bonus reward when achieving a milestone).
  • Updated Referrals Activity in widget, to better display when referral share emails are sent.



4. Display 


Visual Display Improvements


We’ve added numerous new features and updates across the checkout slider, nudges and inline points based on your feedback, including:


Checkout Points Slider 

  • Added support for BigCommerce and Woocommerce. You can now allow customers to redeem their points directly on the cart page. To set this up, please review our support guide.


  • Updated Reward Available nudge to now display the account settings currency symbol versus the generic dollar symbol. 

Inline Points

  • Updated Product Inline points to now automatically hide if a product or category is restricted.



5. Customers 


Customers Page

  • Added the ability to delete a customer for GDPR requests. This will delete all loyalty data and cannot be reversed.
  • Updated the Orders Import tool to now allow up to 10,000 rows per file with improved messaging if the import processing time exceeds 1 minute.



6. Integrations

New Integrations for August 2021

We are happy to introduce 6 new integrations with more on the way for September. The bulk of the integrations today are meant to give your team flexibility to view loyalty data on your platform, while also introducing new ways for customers to earn points with your existing marketing tools.


  • Added PowerReviews, to give your customers points for writing a product review.
  • Added TargetBay, to give your customers points for writing a product review.
  • Added OrderGroove, to award points for customers for starting a new product subscription.
  • Added Mailchimp, to automatically pull loyalty data into your account for segmented email campaigns.
  • Added ActiveCampaign, to automatically pull in loyalty data into your account for segmented email campaigns.
  • Added Zendesk, to automatically display a customers point & vip status within each ticket right rail.  

You can now enable each of these integrations by going to: Integrations > Overview

We look forward to introducing many more new integrations, features and improvements for our Sept 2021 release notes.

Ryan Haidinger

Ryan Haidinger

Ryan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Lootly.

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