WitchDoctor's achieved 20X ROI in their first year with Lootly

Industry: Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessories
Platform: Shopify
Favorite Feature: VIP tiered loyalty program


Points earned (in 30 days)


Annual increase in value generated


Value generated ( in 30 days)

“Without Lootly, we wouldn’t have been able to grow our brand as much as we did”

Dalton Brown

General Manager at Witchdoctor’s Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessories

Company Overview

Witchdoctor's is the world’s largest supplier of aftermarket parts and accessories for Victory & Indian motorcycles. The company offers a one stop shopping experience with a staggering selection of Victory and Indian motorcycle parts and accessories from top rated companies such as Arlen Ness, Avon Grips and many, many more. 

Witchdoctor's goal is to not only carry the best motorcycle, ATV, UTV & Side by Side parts and accessories but to also equip and outfit you, the enthusiast, with the best  riding gear and styles available. Motorcycle jackets, leathers, motorcycle helmets, gloves, shoes, boots and jerseys from brands such as: Z1R, Bell, Highway 21, Frogg Toggs, Gmax, Fly Racing, Scorpion, California Heat and many others. 

The company has been a client of Lootly for over 2 years now and has enjoyed great success in their loyalty and referral marketing initiatives.

“We were creating brand loyalty manually, and that was impacting our team’s efficiency and productivity and wasn’t helping us grow the business as much as we wanted to”


The team at Witchdoctor’s was well familiar with the impact of strong customer loyalty even before they started using Lootly. Loyal customers mean increased retention rate, high repurchase rates and of course, they’re your brand’s best advocates. So making sure that customers were always rewarded in a timely and concise manner, was of utmost importance to the team. 

Before Lootly, the company had a different system for rewarding customers which was run manually, making it very inefficient for a variety of reasons.  The entire team was involved and they were all spending too much time manually creating brand loyalty: manually sending email notifications, creating coupons etc - not being able to focus on their core tasks.  In addition, manually creating brand loyalty is susceptible to mistakes which can further corrode your efforts to establish strong customer relationships.

Seeing that this approach significantly impacts the actual efficiency of the employees, the team decided to look for a more automated system which will essentially run on its own. 


Before discovering Lootly, the team tried several other apps for loyalty and referral marketing. 

However, none of them addressed their core issue - automating the time-consuming tasks they were doing manually, such as notifying customers of their rewards and sending them their coupons. On top of this, they were looking for an easy to set up app that won’t require additional resources to be deployed on it. 

So when they moved their store over to Shopify, they discovered Lootly which offered an elegant solution to their biggest challenges - easy, simple and fast setup, automated processes for notifications and coupon creation and a high level of customization available to fully brand the program and the entire customer experience. 

“Lootly was very easy and simple to set up on Shopify and offered the option to automatically send email notifications and generate and send coupons to customers”


The program was introduced to the customers of Witchdoctor’s as part of their campaign to promote the new website. They made sure customers understood the value of the new loyalty program and were enticed to engage with it. 

Since then, the company has been running loyalty marketing through Lootly for over 2 years and the results are staggering.

In the first year of the program, the brand achieved 20X ROI, whereas the next year, there was a 49% increase in the value generated driving the ROI to 23X and a monthly value generated of $10796 on average.

There was also a significant increase in new customers acquired compared to when they started with Lootly. 

Talking about the impact of Lootly on the business growth and the customer experience, Dalton says that customers seem to really enjoy interacting with the program on their website - they’re engaged to earn points and get access to the rewards which are configured to be valuable for them and enticing enough to motivate a repurchase. 

Another benefit from using Lootly is the smooth deployment and management of their VIP tiered program. With a significant number of members in their VIP tiers, the program proves that customer satisfaction is consistently high, meaning that the benefits offered in the tiers are of significant value to customers.

Impressions and future plans

Dalton says that they’ve been pretty impressed with Lootly’s customer service and the prompt assistance they received each time they requested it. 

They plan to continue using Lootly for their loyalty and referral marketing initiatives with few changes to their programs they’re planning to do to further improve the programs’ performance.

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