Introducing Lootly Affiliate Marketing, the best way to boost revenue in one seamless experience.

Ryan Haidinger on August 12, 2022

Today is a big day for Lootly. Over the last 14 months, our team has been working to introduce a new product that made it easier for eCommerce brands to combine their marketing technology under one platform. I’m so excited to introduce you to our new product - Affiliate & Influencer marketing.

This new product suite, built directly into Lootly now allows you to launch your own affiliate and influencer marketing campaigns in just a few minutes. With the launch of this product, you can now seamlessly create advanced offers for your various affiliates & influencers while also easily managing the entire experience in one platform.

Since 2018, Lootly has been on a mission to offer e-commerce brands an all-in-one platform combining the best customer experience tools with unlimited usage and ease of use. Today is the culmination of what we’ve learned over the last few years, and poured that into a unique product that can be setup in just a few minutes.

Brands no longer have to rely on a separate affiliate & influencer software, which often becomes very expensive and time consuming jumping from one app to another. With Lootly, you can easily switch between your loyalty program and affiliates in one-click. At launch, we are also introducing 3 convenient payment methods - PayPal, Gift Card and a Manual option. 

As of today, our launch includes dozens of new features making it easy for brands to transition to Lootly while also saving time and money. We made the decision early on to not require any plan upgrades to gain access to this new product - which means everybody has access to Affiliates today. Instead, brands will simply pay 1% of the total affiliate orders generated for the month.