With point expiration, Brothers All Natural offered a super seamless customer experience

Industry: Food
Platform: Headless platform; Bigcommerce backend, Wordpress frontend
Favorite Feature: Points Expiration


Launched Loyalty and Referral Program


Average value generated in 30 days


% of new customers acquired in 30 days

Lootly is such an easy platform to work with. It’s very intuitive for both our team who manages it and our customers who use it!

Andy Keane

Marketing Manager

Company Overview

Brothers All Natural is the leading provider of Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps, providing the absolute best quality freeze-dried fruit snacks. Their credo is that  fruit is perfect just the way Mother Nature intended it to be and we completely agree. 

We spoke with Andy Keane, the Marketing Manager of the brand. 

Our previous loyalty program didn't allow points to expire, and our customers had accumulated a massive amount of points, which didn't work well for the brand. 


Andy reached out to Lootly with a very specific request: he needed a system that will make points expire automatically. He had inherited a loyalty system that was running on a different platform that did not support this feature, and as a result he had a lot of customers who held a large amount of points in their accounts, occasionally redeeming them in large chunks leading to them getting huge discounts and even getting products for free. 

This problem was huge for Brothers All Natural, as they needed to make sure their overall liability is under control but also, make sure their customers are on board with the new strategy. So they decided to look for an alternative to their existing loyalty system and found Lootly. 


Brothers All Natural runs on a headless platform; meaning they have a backend that runs on Bigcommerce and a frontend that runs on Wordpress. The new solution for their loyalty program needed to support their configuration and offer a fairly easy way of deployment. It was of the essence that the company they end up proceeding with offers technical support to help them deploy the program and launch it live. 

Andy and the team made quite a few changes on their new program: they rebranded it from RU Loyalty to The Snack Club and offered many more ways to engage the customers. They knew they already love the program and the benefits it provides, so wanted to make sure they can get even more from their offer. 

Most importantly, they have used the point expiration feature to control their liability. This is a rather sensitive moment in program management, as you need to make sure your customers understand that if you don’t use the points, you’ll lose them. The team sent an email marketing campaign to announce the use of the new software and to announce to customers that their points will be expiring automatically. This was a great tactic to inspire redemption and drive the repurchase rate up. 

Design wise, Brothers All Natural has the loyalty program front row on the site through the program widget and also through a custom designed rewards page. 

We realized that we need to allow points to expire automatically, but also want to offer this in a way that will not break the customer experience, After deploying Lootly and enabling expiration, we realized this is a very powerful concept for driving positive program performance. 


The biggest 2 benefits for BrothersAllNatural were the fact that they managed to deploy the program on their headless site with the help of the Lootly team and that they implemented the point expiration feature, which significantly reduced their overall liability. 

Customers have easily adopted a new mindset that they need to spend the points they accumulate otherwise they will be lost. This inspired a good practice of continuous point redemption and repurchasing, which is the main factor behind the program’s high ROI. 

In terms of numbers, the Snack Club has produced a 6X ROI in a 30 days period and a staggering 440% increase in new customers acquired.

Impressions and future plans

Brothers All Natural  is constantly tweaking the offer in their program to find the sweet spot that makes their customers really engaged with it. It is already a big competitive advantage for the brand, and they plan on incorporating it into more areas of the business, starting with their email marketing strategy. 

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