Savage Cards and Breaks launches their Savage Club with Lootly

Industry: Sports Cards
Platform: Shopify
Favorite Feature: VIP tiered loyalty program


Launched Loyalty and Referral Program


ROI in 30 days


% of new customers acquired in 30 days

People love Savage Club! Lootly powers Savage Club, which differentiates my business from the competition and gives my customers the unique opportunity to brag about their VIP tier.

Hugo Savage

Business Owner

Company Overview

Savage is the story of two guys (Hugo Savage and Fred Bombardier) who thought they were opening decks of cards part-time on the Internet. Quickly the craze was at the rendezvous and the pleasure that the boys had pushed them to make the decision to start a card shop in the Laurentians.

I wanted to be different than my competitors and to add an option to my store where my great customers can easily get their discounts.


Hugo had a simple task at hand - he needed to automate the process of rewarding his most loyal customers automatically. At the time, he would need to manually send a product link and a discount to club members, which was time consuming and completely ineffective.

So, he wanted to find a solution which can award his most loyal customers automatically.

The Savage club, as the program is called, had to be easy to use by customers so they can self-serve when they are eligible for discounts. 

Plus, he wanted the Savage Club to be a unique differentiator to his business as compared to his competition. 


SavageCardsand Breaks is powered by Shopify, so Hugo turned to Shopify App Marketplace and found Lootly as the most comprehensive tool for running loyalty marketing campaigns.

He configured the VIP program to power his Savage Club and launched it to delight his customers. Since then, he did a few tweaks to find the proper percentage of return to his loyal members and it now works amazing for him.


More importantly, his pain points are resolved elegantly: he can automatically assign discounts to his loyal customers and they can easily acquire them through the program widget. Also, customers feel special because they’re part of a special club of the brand. 

My customers love the Savage Club and they love to brag about being a G.O.A.T


Hugo launched his club through Lootly in 2021 and has enjoyed amazing success since. First, the program provides the element of prestige, which he really likes and also makes his customers happy. 

Next, Savage Club does really well in driving value for the brand. To be exact, the program generates a ROI of ~4X in a 30 day period. Additionally, the number of new customers acquired increases for 66% overage, in a 30 days period.

Impressions and future plans:

Hugo’s overall impression of Lootly so far is great. He likes the level of support he receives with either strategy discussions or new feature requests and plans to continue powering Savage Club with Lootly.

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