Don't let lackluster features, expensive pricing and limited integrations hold back your brand's growth is very expensive for the limited features it offers. Lootly provides a more comprehensive loyalty & referrals platform for a fraction of the cost.

Unlimited Growth

Lootly was built to empower eCommerce brands to grow without limitations.

  • Unlimited Orders
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Affordable & Transparent Pricing

Bring your design ideas to life

Easily customize every line of text, color, font and icon. Full CSS and HTML editors are available for your custom layouts. limits your ability to customize the main rewards launcher, leaving your brand to compromise on design.

Hyper intuitive popups that make referring extremely easy

Low friction, zero hassle for referrers. No signups, no nonsense. Just click. does not offer referral popups, and is missing critical sharing options such as SMS, and WhatsApp.

Incentivize your customers to boost your bottom line

With virtually infinite ways to earn & spend points, you can encourge actions and behaviors that benefit your business, automatically.

Lootly offers Zapier to enable brands to create thousands of possibilities for customers to interact with your program outside of our 20+ standard actions.

Track everything - No ROI Mysteries

Discover how customers are interacting with your loyalty program at every step.

  • Drill down into individual customers
  • Discover your top ambassadors
  • Automatic sync with your store
  • Complete referral funnel tracking

Simple & Transparent Pricing

With a comprehensive suite of features, unlimited orders, and thousands of ways to connect with your customers; Lootly makes it easy to scale your brand - without breaking the bank.

See how much you can save by making the switch

$249 Plan $599 Plan
Number of orders & customers monthly Unlimited Unlimited
HTML & CSS Editor access Yes No, HTML editor available on $1,000 Plan and CSS editor not available.
10 + Ways to Earn Points Yes Yes
Custom actions with Zapier Yes No
VIP Program Yes Yes
Integrations Unlimited Unlimited
Smart Insights Yes No
SMS Referral Sharing Yes on $599 No
Checkout point slider Yes on $599 No, only available on the $1,000 plan

With Lootly you're able to launch a fully branded loyalty & VIP program on the $249 plan. But with, you have to pay $599 to gain access to the VIP program or the $1,000 plan for HTML editor access. Why pay more for less features and customization? Make the switch to Lootly today.

Switching is Seamless

Import your customers in just a few minutes.

  • Export from

  • Import into Lootly

    Starting on $249 Plan

  • Success!

    That was easy :)

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